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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Night of Fright

On Halloween

They come haunting, for frights and delights,
cheering on a wickedly cool night. 

Peddling the streets, not for pennies
but sweet holiday treats. 

On a wondrous night, they walk in waves,
all things that creep, sweep and creak.

With smiles upon faces, they move from house to house. 
Hoping and ready for one more to fill their waiting sacks. 

Together witches, monsters and ghouls, 
haunt the neighborhood, clearly being nobody's fool. 

To your home they will bring,
a smile, colorful costume, a laugh and if your lucky..

A wish for a Happy Halloween! 


  1. smiles...ha...i love seeing all the kids on halloween in their outfits...they have gotten decidedly scarier though over time...happy halloween

  2. Have never experienced the season before but I imagine its lots of fun :)

    Happy Halloween!

  3. South Africa hardly celebrates Halloween and maybe I'm glad. I'd get a fright every time I open the door and scare the kids away with my own screams. You paint a vivid and candid image Gwen.

  4. That is it! You described and wrote it well. Happy Halloween. Cheers! gardenlilie.com

  5. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and this poem is a good reason why. ;-)