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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yoga for the Soul

In an act to cleanse the spirit and free the mind,
one may take on this gentle practice of knowing
ones self and limitations. 

Through love and light, one may free themselves
of worry and maybe want in their lives.

Knowing what they feel deeply inside, relaxing the 
mind and body are goals within. 

One may learn patience, gain strength, 
end or lessen fears by being present. 
Enjoy more deeply life and the love within. 

People reflect and promote, 
pushing their minds and bodies like never before.

Tasting sweat and a sense of joy blooming 
within their hearts. 

The purpose of yoga is the equality of body, 
mind and spirit coming together. ~ A sense of being Zen.

Practice it and you may find beauty on a whole new level.

The best part for me is the smiles and happy faces.



  1. Just fantastic Gwen! Loved this...the simplicity, the wonderful tone and mood...my first serene smile of the day...thank you!

  2. smiles...i like...have never done yoga....but have done some meditation and stretching that helped me find a bit of peace....

  3. relaxing the mind and body is a good thing...a friend of mine does it.. i have never tried so far..

  4. I've been coerced to a few yoga encounters, while I enjoy cycling, I have always appreciated the totality of person who does. Balanced bodies and minds are attractive and of ease to be around. Very nice write, and good advice for dealing with all heavy subjects being written about today.

  5. Gwen, simply a reminder for taking time to relax!

  6. ...a simple offering that gives a lot of change... and huge inspiration... smiles...

  7. Now i really have to try this :) Your words make my morning here, Gwen :) Lovely :) x

  8. The goodness in me bows to the goodness in you. I needed this reminder today. Thank you.


  9. Beautiful and calming tone here..namaste!

  10. The poem as a treatise, an exposition of a philosophical paradigm. Namaste.