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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Friendship Between Two

A smile from a perfect stranger.
Eyes meet and connect without any time to wager.

Not a single word spoken, met by a hug, 
an embrace tender, more than a touch.

Longing to know more about this new person. Taking a 
moment to reflect and wrap my head around it. 

My mind rushes like tides on a beach, 
this new friendship warms me like summer's heat.  

Finding magic in eyes that speak more than words ever could.
I knew in that moment this friendship was true.

I glimpse back and I smile, share and care without fear.

I open my heart to welcome anew, 
a friendship, I hope to see blossom and bloom.  


  1. nice...it's so precious and beautiful when new friendships form and we get to know people that have been strangers some moments back..so enriching as well..nicely penned gwen..and happy for you...smiles

  2. its really cool when those friendships are forming and you move from just acquaintences....i hope it blooms and blossoms for sure...smiles.

  3. Love the couplets...beautiful work Gwen!

  4. What a wonderful feeling and a wonderful poem expressing it! K

  5. May friendships always blossom and bloom like that :) really simple and powerful way to express it, Gwen :) Creates a warmth we all need to feel when we meet new friends:) love it x

  6. Nice job of capturing the anticipation of newly-forming friendships.

  7. How lovely to have an open heart and welcome new friends ~

    Cheers ~

  8. Oh, I loved this one! I love meeting new friends, and this is a perfect slice of that moment. It's nice to look back on this with old friends,too...remembering that.