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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dead for a Purpose

In the depths of all things unknown.

I find peace in odd places, 
happiness in traces.

I happen upon you lying there
-  a dead fish. 

Food for one, only selected pieces taken,
leaving the rest for another.

A world of survival of the fittest, 
it's noted here. 

My mind knows this is true.
You survived long enough to be a meal for few.

With a photograph, 
I have made a meal of you too.

For eyes will see you, 
never forgetting the life you knew. 


  1. oh heck...dead for a purpose..to feed someone else..makes me think of those that chose death to help others survive...radical thoughts in this gwen

  2. smiles...its the circle of life....one feed another and one day we will be fertilizer as well..smiles...i can see what claudia is saying as well...cool write...

  3. I take comfort in the thought that everything is part of the regenerative process. And I believe we should treat our food like the sacred thing it is. There is beauty in this. Glad you wrote the poem (and shared the pic)!

  4. A very cool pic. I'm not sure about life for one more eater, but probably so. Well-expressed. k.

  5. Nice that you commemorate the life lived and given/taken.