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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Morning Frost - A Thanksgiving Tribute.

On an icy morning, 
dew frozen like hearts unspoken. 

I taste and feel winter slowly circling, 
surely drawing me near.

Feeling crystals crunching under foot,
I relish the beauty yet to be put.

Covering the land in an icy blanket, 
I look upon the season and I am very thankful.

For family and friendship with love so grand, 
that keeps me moving forward in life, undiluted.

A family's warmth, warm and tender,
brings me love, pure and full of splendor.

I show much respect for all that I am, all that I have,
hard to repay with a smile or a hug. 

Love fills my heart as I am so grateful,
to those leaving soft tracks as they touch my life. 

A wish to you all for a wonderful season, 
spreading love and joy, finding why you are thankful. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 


  1. i taste and feel winter approaching...love that...its not that you see it but you feel it...as is evident throughout your poem...i hope you have a great thanksgiving...smiles.

  2. Fantastic Gwen! Love, light and lots of gratitude :) Hope you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving

  3. Love fills my heart as I am so grateful,
    to those leaving soft tracks as they touch my life.

    Such a tender expression of your love--Happy Thanksgiving Gwen--beautiful write!

  4. beautiful tribute, so warming and filled with light. Happy Thanksgiving~

  5. ...a lot of inspirations to get in this piece... happy thanksgiving to you!!! and thanks for the poem!!!

  6. Heartfelt tribute to a beautiful holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!