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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Cold, dark night surrounding me.

Candle twinkles a special glow.

My thoughts scatter to a wish I made long ago.

Alone now, but not forgotten. I sit quietly with a mouse. 

Sharing the only piece of cheese in the house.

Warm and tender we sit together. Candle aglow upon the window.

The mantle clock ticks away the time.

Tea is steeped, served hot and steamy. 

Puffs of snow adrift outside.

Scarf pulled tightly around my neck, mouse in his fine fur coat.

Book spread open on the table before us, quietly reading passages.

Pen and paper placed, eager to accept. 

Night falling around us like a warm blanket, swept. 

Candle burns down, casting light flickers around, it is time for rest.

Mouse climbs into his tiny hole, I into my warm bed. 


  1. cant pull up soundcloud at work, so i will be back here in a bit once i get home...

  2. I enjoyed the many images in this poem, Gwen. They all add up quite beautifully.

  3. smiles..a bit of magic in this..the candle light...sharing the cheese with the mouse...the wish made long ago...has a bit of a fairy tale feel...nice..

  4. A wonderful weave for a January evening...really enjoyed this Gwen...and love the bit of rhyme you weaved as well...clever poet :D

  5. cozy wintry night well described.

    not alone

  6. Although the mantle clock ticks away, I like how the candle marks the time too.

    Mine’s HERE

  7. " Candle aglow upon the window.

    The mantle clock ticks away the time.

    Tea is steeped, served hot and steamy.

    Puffs of snow adrift outside."

    The contrasts between outside and inside, cold vs. steamy. Something very warm, comforting and familiar in your word choice, this imagery. Liked this. Nicely done.

  8. Lovely, so many contrasts, solitude with companionship, stillness with movement, cold with warmth, a kaleidoscope of images and emotions, love it.