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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Dark Cloud - With a Silver Lining.

In the light of a new spring day,
weather good, spirits elevated 
for all the season brings. 

Many gathered to watch, cheer and share.

Life, like it can be, forever changing. 
In directions at times we 
will never fully understand.

The silence and good spirits 
shaken by an explosive jar. 

Screams, blood and fear, 
quickly twist into a storm of madness, 
circling like a tyrant in the streets.

Another attack on a land riddled 
already with pain. 

I hold hope for a world that seems
more black and white, than rich in color.

I hold faith that people will come together.
This is one strong nation.

I taste grief for the souls affected.

I give love to all those that need it. 

I long to remove power from those that don't deserve it.

Peace to all those in need! 


  1. Such comforting words in a time of so much sorrow and fear.

  2. Beautiful and timely. A fitting expression of sorrow and hope. I'm inspired.

  3. Much said here...in this tribute to the fallen in Boston...and much said for those who wish for change. Well done :)

  4. Beautiful thoughts of hope