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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In My Hand

In my hand, I hold the cold of yesterday.

In my hand, I hold the pain I want to rid myself and the world of.

In my hand, I know there is tenderness on the darkest of  days.

In my hand, I hold life too tiny to see with the naked eye.

In my hand, I hold the longing and need of lovers unable to connect.

In my hand, I give raw emotion to a friend to feel unconditionally.

In my hand, I hold the closure of lost love. 

In my hand, I hold hope for my dreams and achievement.

In my hand, I feel time slip away without letting it go.

In my hand, I grasp all things that matter to me. 

In my hand, I hold my future and where it will take me. 


  1. nice...there's so much we can hold in our hand...and it's our choice what we hold and what we let go.. love esp. the tenderness on the dark days and the little seeds of life..a warm hand is a good place for them to grow...nice on the dreams and future as well

  2. Lovely, Gwen... simply lovely. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful, Gwen. Simple, straightforward, and heartfelt.

  4. we are the determiners of our own future...and of what we choose to give away with those hands...or what we keep from others as well...

  5. You cradle a precious universe of hope and dreams, hurt and pain, and love and compassion. Beautifully rendered and exquisite in it's poetry.

  6. Taking ownership is a huge part of living a happy life even when what we hold hurts. Love the depth.

  7. Nice! Sweet strong exploration.

  8. Sounds almost like an incantation - simple, strongly rhythmical.

  9. I feel as if this is my life unfolding in front of me, very nice.