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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ocean Beat

Sitting warm on a distant shore,
sun warming the skin. 

Birds flutter through the sky,
hearing their songs echo in my head. 

Ocean waves splash and crash around our feet,
fine sand tickles and prickles our toes as we pass. 
Taste of salt heavy on our lips and face. 

Memories rushing back, 
taking me to time spent long ago on this very shore.

Hair shimmers under the warm light,
reflecting heat rising up off the hot earth. 

We stay in the waves, taking it all in. 
Daylight will soon end, making us move along. 

Waves knock us around, sand in our hair, 
memories rushing to mind, smiles spreading across our faces. 

Left with love in our hearts and peace in our minds,
the ocean has the power to heal and remedy the soul. 


  1. the ocean has def been a remedy for my soul many a time...its rhythm sets me straight every visit...smiles..

  2. oh that makes me yearn for the ocean...wanna dive right in...

  3. I love being by the sea. Here in Scotland, it's never very far away.

  4. I grew up in its arms and still feel that pull--this is lovely!

  5. so peaceful and magical...thank you for this ocean-inspired verse..very heartfelt~~~

  6. God knows we are made of water... and thank the mother earth and you for your praise to the salty water. Thank you

  7. There is much healing and inspiration to be found in and near the ocean waves and fresh sea air. Lovely capture.