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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Mid autumn morning
an ordinary day

Busy with chores
daughter, my love, watching television. 

I leave the room
in search of something
I hear a noise, a sputter, a cough, a gasp

What is it? "You OK honey?" I ask. 
Nothing but another sputter, a strangled breath. 

Horror fills me to the core 
What ifs on my mind
no time for that now

I meet her, gasping, holding her throat
a nightmare come true for any parent

A candy is lodged deep, choking
unknowing of its capabilities

I grab her, a few squeezes fail
Nothing more than panic and gasps between us

Running out of time
maternal instincts kick in

Memories of CPR from long ago greet me
Take hold, fingers frantic but strong and searching

Feel the ball of confection choking the life
my love is waiting for action

A pull and it's over
a deep inhale is music to my ears
my heart and soul sing out

A life saved, lesson learned
Love lives on another day
Strong hands and quick mind prevail

Safe is what we are


  1. ugh. i choked on a marble as a kid...very scary...as a parent...all the scarier...

  2. Wow you had me riding that panic train with you. Nicely spun.

  3. Horrors and nightmares are made of this.. good that you had the mind and body to help her..

  4. truly scary...I had to remember to breathe in there...nicely done!

  5. Kept me reading to the end! Deep exhale!

  6. Very scary! Great job telling the story. Wonderful imagery. :-)

  7. most terrifying experience for a parent, the most gratifying when strength and wisdom take hold and you save the day. Emotional write

  8. What a frightening experience - you have captured it so vividly!

  9. What a roller coaster that was...glad for the safe end on that ride!
    Good write!

  10. Thank god god sent you at the right time.