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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Cool, crisp air whispers and blows.
Showing the season change has come again.

Tiny signs display truth of time passed. 
Only a short time before more changes arrive. 

Stone of gray and berries of vermilion
tell a tender story for those who listen.

Drift a while on the autumn air
that surrounds and transpires. 

Hope is found, all around
from mountaintops to tiny pebbles. 

I feel the beauty that is the season,
I let it tickle and taunt me. 

Stay here, just for a little while longer. 


  1. smiles...yes i would love her to stay a bit longer as well... so much beauty in this season...the change...color..contrast.. the letting go and breathing a bit slower..

  2. there is beauty even among the death of this season
    and hope is def there for those willing to look for it...smiles.

  3. Autumn/fall is my favourite season; I love the vibrant colours and the bounty of nature at this time of year. And in the dying of leaves etc, there is the promise of next spring.

  4. The death of seasons finds its way into such beautiness of the hereafter and the colors vibrating such delicate taste for poetry.

    I love this piece. :)

  5. Autumn surely inspires us t linger and enjoy her beauty. Nicely penned!

  6. Smiling at the season tickling and taunting us. :0)

  7. There is something so magical about the changing of seasons. Bittersweet and beautiful.

  8. Nice. Changing of seasons are always fun to witness & experience. :-)

  9. Peaceful, beautiful.

  10. The astound beauty of nature is unmatched.