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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tempting Eyes

Dark eyes peer down upon. 
While outside the window, wind gusts.

A crow caws in the distance, I hear him scream.

Moon rises on this hollow land, 
spreading light in its span. 

Dark feelings wash over me. 

The taste of something sweet heavy on my tongue. 
Inhibiting thee, my visions lost. 

"It will pass" many lips whisper.
Dark eyes peering within the soul.

Down deep to the ground my feelings go.
Wind whipping and spirits grow. 

Still, a candle flickers on the table,
emotion rises, light splitting angles. 

A different perspective won that day.
It is ok to feel dismay, 
when the sun returns to sweep it away. 


  1. even in our darkest hours there are still bits of light we can appreciate...

  2. oy... that gave me shivers a bit.. but yeah..going through temptations isn't always easy but we certainly learn valuable lessons..

  3. Here in the Northwest of WA state, too often the sun does not come up in the morning, just the grayness of dark cloud cover, creating SAD for some folks. I just get busier inside, writing, watching films, reading, scrapbooking. Loved your poems, some Poe Truth for sure. Your piece is kind of a book end for Brian's today, where we discover we need to reassess the darkness around us with clear eyes, open heart & hands, and be open to a new moment, a new day; thanks.

  4. We all need the hope that light brings in our many and various darknesses. Sometimes the light is so small that we don't really see it at all, but it's always there somewhere.

  5. tempting eyes of darkness..a truly mesmerising poem~

  6. A dark snensuality underscored by your good use of language. >KB

  7. Dark, menacing and oddly thrilling - reminds me of my teens...

  8. It reminds me that the greatest light can be in the dark of pain in this life...of love and light and dark and life...for love is the one to find in the ends as always the beginnings...2

  9. eerily beautiful with a dark sensuality. Very nice