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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fire Dance

In eyes cast aside
memories seep
fading from a once stable mind.

Candle burns down to wick's end
no return, blown out, forgotten.

Fighting and flighting
on broken, bent wings, take flight.

Lies told, I hear them shriek
speaking truth no one wants to hear
no one is listening.

They burn for change
they fly onward. 


  1. there is a heaviness in this....
    the lies speaking truth is an interesting conundrum as well...

  2. This was a very interesting piece with some great surprises... Lies told I hear them shriek... I get a feeling of crows in your poem

  3. I liked this, Gwen, for many of us, too many of us fly on bent broken wings, struggling to stay aloft.

  4. The fire dances until the fuel is gone; then, at best, all you have are ashes. I love the way fire is used as a metaphor for so many different things here.

  5. I like the truth to this. They want truth, then with a shriek and a lift, they are gone...moving on to seek other prey.

  6. "Memories seep from a once stable mind........"


  7. A very powerful tale ~ I can feel the sadness, the conflict, the loss in the words ~ thank you.