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Monday, September 12, 2011

Black Swallowtail Caterpillar

I am small.
I am green.
I am alive,
look and you shall see.
I have big dreams,
to take flight one day.
I will change,
right before your eyes, they say.
Wrap myself up, tucked away,
I will sleep now.
When I awake,
I shall spread my wings and fly.
I dream now,
until the new me arrives.
I will go from land to sky,
and grace you, as I flutter by.


  1. smiles...nice happy verse today...and yes one day it will transform, as i hope we all do...

  2. I like this...it's the way our lives should go, with any luck.

  3. I like the simplicity and hope of your poem...

    That picture is perfect ~

  4. She'll wrap herself up like a note posted to a twig. I think she's fine just as she is, though.

  5. stopping back through to say hi on OLN!

  6. yes, I love the whole process of transformation - you describe it well here.

  7. such a happy transforming write Gwen ~ adorable ~ image ~ I will change before your eyes' .. before 'taking flight' .. becoming a 'new me' ~ just a little sleep' ~ and I will have transformed ~ SO SO loved this ~ Lib *smiles*

  8. this is great I just read another a few days about a worm so fitting thank you

  9. Love it! And I think Heaven is absolutely right, that picture of the green/yellow/black caterpillar is absolutely on target with your lovely poem.... This is very reminiscent of my childhood, when I spent hours reading the finely detailed descriptions of natures little pleasantries.... you captivated me too, and I saw in my mind children enjoying this poem everywhere... Then I glanced over and saw your "About me" section... I should have known... Adorable poem Gwen... Really glad to have visited your lovely page......

  10. Thank you everyone for your thoughts!

    I really enjoyed this one myself and embrace the beauty found in nature all the time. It's all around us and keeps us moving forward, always. :)