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Sunday, October 2, 2011


Cool autumn air whispers by my ear.
Looking out, I hear nothing,
I fear nothing, I want nothing.
Your view enchants me.
Your elements grasp me.
Your color excites me.
Your beauty enlightens me.
Gazing out beyond the shore,
to land I want to be in.
A land to call upon for wisdom,
strength and peace.
Welcoming a new season
of hope, change and happiness.
With you, here with me,
I have found this.
I let the calm wash over me.


  1. nice..that is exactly what this season is for me...love the crisp air...all the color and my clearing head...smiles.

  2. Yes autumn is such a pleasant scene, as you've captured, then comes crappy winter.

  3. hey swinging back through for OLN...great to see you there...

  4. Serene mood of nature's beauty well conveyed.

  5. It's OK

    This thing called "calm"
    Radiating from deep in my center
    And unsettling, too
    As it takes on the "naysayers"
    Of my mind
    I have no reason for hope
    My life is in shambles
    Without leads
    Empty on all accounts
    But for the pervading calm inside
    Which insists on patience
    And counsels me above all else
    Not to throw away my dignity
    And inner knowingness

    One-Love Tiger Windwalker

  6. Its a beautiful image you conjure and soo peaceful ...thank you x

  7. A beautiful ode to autumn - it's almost a "theme" today. Nature seems to inform all our work. Lovely.

  8. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and comments!

    I do adore this season as it seem to be the "calm before the storm" aka winter..

    gautami tripathy Not a song, only thoughts from my heart to your ears..

    Enjoy everybody!

  9. I have nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award. Your blog site is wonderful and I believe that you deserve this award. Please claim your award and follow the three requirements for this award. It is my honor to nominate you for this award. Thank you.


  10. Autumn on the islands is fantastic and a great time of the year. Love this time of the year on the islands thanks for sharing

  11. time to warm up and enjoy nature, also time to harvest crops we sowed in spring time.

    Thanks for sharing.